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The Midnight Hour #Poetry

It was the midnight hour, when he left nothing but a flower, because of the anxiety and terror he began to cower. 

“Long legs aren’t for the faint of heart because we can travel miles in just a few steps.
Focus On Me

“I would hope that you could give up on what you would like to see in me and focus on the real me.
Love Hate

“there is a SIMPLE line between love and hate. and it can either be crossed or not.”
Easy Life? You’re a fighter!

“Easy. You only you know what easy is, if you have experienced some difficulties. With difficulties…if you have ever felt at ease after it…You’re a fighter whose fight never ends”

#JayPrince is cool

“I may be wrong grammatically but don’t correct me because there is no better way to say what it is that I have to say and that is…I LOVE YOU”

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Q&A Mondays! #ncbwqa

I appreciate all the love I have received on the 100% Type of Man Series!! To return the kindness I would love to strike up a conversation with you and talk about the series and what it means to you.
100% Type of Man #6 (Finial)

At the end of the day,  You’re a good man. Rare at most; and I know that you played it safe for a while.