100% Type of Man #6 (Finial)

At the end of the day,  You’re a good man. Rare at most; and I know that you played it safe for a while.

ViVi October 2014 special 2PM poster

I love them…taec 
#TBT NewBoyz-TieMeDown Review

ORIGINAL ARTICLE written in 2010. I’ve grown up. I don’t know why I wrote like I did. SMH and Sorry Trenches.

You know what? You ain’t gonna tie me down!!!!

I’m not gonna lie and rip apart New Boyz~Tie Me Down~ from the start. So I’m going to start off by being honest and say that “It’s a pretty good song and I enjoyed it”.

With all that said and  done, I still believe that their lyrics are a…

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100% Type of Man #5

Today we’re strangers.  Next, we can be friends. After that…that’s up to destiny. They say we can take destiny into our own hands.
NCB Followers! I need some consultation

NCB Followers! I need some consultation

Right now I’m trying to  avoid stress and anxiety right now because of my financial situation of being broke. lol

So this year, after financial aid pays for everything I’m still going to have to come up with $1000+ (or $500+/semester) after all is said and done. I don’t know where this coming from. I’m trying to get work study but I can’t do anything right now, at least yet, because my package is…

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This Is It 4Us

It’s too #Hot, SF

It was like any other day. It was bright, hot, and humid. And like any other day, I wanted to stay inside…
100% Type of Man #4

I’m not asking you to give me your heart all at once. I haven’t earned the privilege to ask.

Nc 가끔 cover 크러쉬